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If it is proved to be the genuine cloth which Joseph of Arimathea buried Jesus in, then it can be embraced as the greatest relic in the history of Christendom, and indeed the history of the modern world.The recorded history of the Shroud spans back to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, when the Shroud was kept in medieval Europe and hung at the palaces of Kings.Wilson culminated sources from historical accounts, as well as ecclesiastical records and myths of a cloth bearing the holy face of Jesus. It was taken from Jerusalem and transported to Edessa, where its supernatural essence helped King Abgar V to convert to Christianity.Furthermore, Wilson expanded on his idealisation of the history of the Shroud, suggesting that the event of the resurrection resulted in a tremendous outburst of energy that left an imprinted negative image on the cloth, yet paradoxically that level of energy can only be sourced from a living body, raising the question as to whether or not Jesus was definitively dead or not when buried.The Shroud is believed by many scholars and researchers to be the original cloth which Jesus was buried in over two thousand years ago.The cloth itself measures approximately 4.37 metres by 1.1 metre, and exhibits what appears to be the faint image of a long-haired and bearded crucified man lying down with his palms across his torso.

But while arguments over the remote could well be the chief reason for late-night rows in the next month, there appears to be 10 male habits which are even more annoying than TV-hogging.

Online dating site Victoria Milan has been researching the 10 most common factors which give women reason to cheat on their men. He doesn’t care about his appearance and he has poor hygiene 9% 7. Being a disaster; not putting attention to details, obligations etc… Not clean up after herself and he is a mummy's boy 5% 10.

The survey questioned 6,000 females and found a poor sense of humour was the most common answer with 19 per cent of the votes.

– Mark The month of December each year signifies the blessed month of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, a man whose suffering is considered by Christians around the globe as testament to God’s mercy endowed to mankind.

Although the likeness and supposed divinity of Jesus is still debated amongst scholars and theologians today, the world in recent years has witnessed a monumental archaeological discovery.

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