Xbox live dating sim

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Xbox live dating sim

Secret Sixam planet ("Get To Work" DLC) Reach Level 9 in the Science career.Upgrade the spaceship at the science facility where you work to have a Wormhole Generator.Then, hold B and press A on one of the following items to display a menu that allows them to be changed as indicated.

Secret Forgotten Grotto lot in Oasis Springs To enter the hidden Forgotten Grotto lot in Oasis Springs, visit the Desert Bloom park lot in the Oasis Springs neighborhood.Note: The "e_buff" type entries give the same mood effect granted by the Cowplant essence, which is strong and lasts for twelve hours.Spawn objects After activating the "testingcheats true" code, use the "objects.gsi_create_obj [object ID]" code to spawn the corresponding object near the center of your lot.Note: Some of these codes first require the "testingcheats true" code to be enabled.Additionally, enabling cheats prevents achievements from becoming unlocked.

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