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Between the pounding Josh was giving her pussy and the satisfaction she was getting by bringing another woman to orgasm, Jenna was also approaching a mammoth orgasm of her own.

And as Leslie exploded all over her face, Jenna knew she couldn't hold back any longer. Oh yea Josh, keep pounding my pussy while I cream your cock.

Jenna cooed as she felt Josh's cock expand in her pussy and she asked him what she wanted to do next.

After Leslie came down from her high, she exclaimed, "oh shit, I have to meet my boyfriend Sam for dinner soon," she exclaimed quietly as she looked at the clock.Josh, I'm going to hop off this delectable cock of yours but don't worry because Jenna cheating pussy is going to hop right back on " Leslie told Jenna and Josh. Leslie got off Josh's cock and gave Jenna one last deep open-mouthed kiss with their tongues intertwining as their lips came together before Leslie positioned herself on a nearby sofa. "I know you've wanted this tight married pussy since we first met," Jenna cooed.Josh led Jenna over to the same sofa massaging her pussy on the way. "You're right babe but I was content with keeping that a fantasy.It is possible to see if they are online and models program.Following the registration you'll be able to save your models profiles and get in touch with them anytime you want.

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It doesn't matter if I'm cheating on my hubbie or not or if the guy or I guess now girl is married or not," Jenna moaned as Josh plunged his cock into Jenna's wet pussy.

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