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Or, create your own sessions based on your interests, such as “Tech Crunch Readers in San Fran”.

Invite friends or strangers to play with you and immediately decide if you are woo’d by someone.

Woo has sessions in an array of topics for all types of dating interests.

The sessions have the time listed so you can see when they will start Woo is a great way to speed date online because it connects people with common interests.

Hopefully by them you will have found a match or at least have made some nice friends.When you are browsing through the sessions you can see who is joining the session and you can take a look at their profile. “Woo Me brings the speed dating craze online and extends it to let users meet new people live in fast, fun and free speed sessions.There are no long forms or lengthy profile descriptions, simply find a session that interests you and meet 5 people in 5 minutes.Once Woo Me.com’s popularity grows hopefully there will be more sessions with a larger array of topics.At he moment there are only sessions the UK and the US, will Woo expand to include sessions geared towards other countries?

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By leveraging the use of web cams Woo Me creates five minute speed dating sessions which enable users to connect and thumbs up or thumbs down the users on the other end of the web cam.

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