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Lee Bailey’s eurweb adds more context: Davis claims that Jaheim told him he was in town for a few days visiting a relative and ran out of money so he decided to drive Uber in order to score enough cash to make it home.

_ Isn't she lovely but whatever you do don't allow them to sleep all day because they'll… Congratulations, to my godson Jahmil, thx for being apart of my life kid watching you blossom into a wonderful rose that grew from the concrete. I can't I just cannot believe it this man was so hungry that he just decided to bring his home manners to the public like it's all good so I could help but catch him in action. However the woman driving recklessly didn't even say excuse me wow, maybe she liked what she heard and… Me & @1nixta at the Pre Grammy performance room this was the day to remember, I took his training wheels off had to show him how it's done. _ You've always been there and yes I will always be there for you as above so below spirits flow and real love is… When your kids, are badder than Michael Jackson, I bet even Stevie Wonder, can see that she's not your average 8 year old. I always watch my surroundings never know who following you these days as I felt safe to sing to my audience. You know I love you all and was ready to celebrate however, the promoters didn't pay for my purchase so there will be no show Jaheim is not obligated to perform next month August. _ After reviewing this video footage it is clear to see that the stalkers were very much over stepping there… Me & the lovely, madisonjaye_ thanks for your kind words you are such a true Goddess of purity. (CBS/WGCL) Platinum-selling artist Chester "Lyfe" Jennings is headed back to the slammer to serve 3 years after pleading guilty to charges stemming from an incident with his ex-girlfriend two years ago.The "Must Be Nice" singer was arrested in Smyrna, Ga. 19, 2008 after an apparent altercation with former girlfriend and the mother of his children, Joy Bounds.

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