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Who is miranda hart dating

They have included a throat ­infection which saw her pull out of playing Miss Hannigan in West End musical Annie for a week last month.

There also continues to be no sign of another series of her sitcom Miranda or her hosting a remake of The Generation Game, which the BBC said was on hold in August 2015 despite a successful pilot being filmed just before Christmas 2014.

She suffered from agoraphobia in her early twenties.

But, in an interview in November last year for the Daily Mail she insisted: I'm looking forward to being in a room with the people who have supported me and watched the sitcom, and being able to thank them for that. Now 41, she took sketch shows to the Edinburgh fringe in the s, and performed in the double act The Orange Girls with Charity Trimm.

“It’s easy to spiral into seeing just the negative around us and then ­simply not smiling.

“I think we all have days when we just want to hole up, cancel friends and cocoon in a duvet.” And she added: “I found nothing could prompt an upward turn to my mouth — not even a cheeky dollop of ice cream with my favourite comedy.” Around the same time, the 44-year- old actress pulled out of a string of commitments including a reprise of her role in Call The Midwife, a BBC remake of Up Pompeii and plans to host The Royal Variety Performance.

SHE puts smiles on the faces of millions of people but Miranda Hart has revealed that the one person she struggles to make happy is herself.

I remember when his ship sank and coming home from school and a whole mass of news reporters being outside, but Mum hadn’t told us what had happened.” In her early 20s Miranda was forced to move back in with her ­parents when she was struck down by anxiety and agoraphobia after graduating with a degree in political science from Bristol University.

Miranda now admits that she was battling dramatically low moods as she “succumbed to that old back-to-school feeling”.

The star, who has talked extensively about earlier struggles with anxiety and agoraphobia, also told how the experience gave her an insight into how much unseen suffering goes on.

Her mother, Diana, is the daughter of Sir William Luce, a former governor of Aden.

She studied politics at the University of the West of England in Bristol and made her Edinburgh Fringe debut in 1994 but did not dare to go solo until 2002 when after borrowing £7,000 from a friend she staged her own shows, Miranda Hart – Throbs, It’s All About Me & Miranda Hart’s House Party.

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She has appeared on several high-profile charity bills in recent years, including a role in a new Blackadder sketch with Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson at a Prince's Trust fundraiser at the Albert Hall in Whether that's sufficient preparation for a tour to which fans flock in their thousands to see Hart and Hart alone, remains to be seen.

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