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Now, Tori believes she needs a storyline that will promise drama as her marriage woes with Dean are boring and played out—causing viewers to drop like flies.CDL exposed Tori and Dean’s manufactured story about Emily Goodhand shortly after news broke of Dean’s affair, poking holes in almost all parts of “the affair” story that conveniently led the way to the show True Tori at a time when the couple was most desperate for money and another show.She sees Tori for what she is and is not threatened by her in any way.Dean’s beautiful ex came across as classy and confident—winning the hearts of viewers, and leaving Tori to play the victim once again.What I really wanted was a Facel Vega coupe, a French import like the one driven by Dean Martin, but instead I became the proud owner of a used black Chevy Impala with a red interior.Though it wasn’t a small, sporty car like my schoolmates had, the Impala got me where I needed to go – the carhop.Being the first girl born into my family, I was fortunate to have been gifted a small fund by my grandfather.

Now, the ever-victim Tori Spelling is concocting a plan to pull viewers back in by hinting she is going to bring cheating husband Dean Mc Dermott’s mistress, the mysterious Emily Goodhand, to True Tori.This hobby lasted a couple of years, superseded only by my interest in filing and painting my fingernails.By then, I knew enough about cars to use the information to start conversations with cute boys.A few years later, when I was out of high school and wanted to appear sophisticated and grown up, I parlayed my way into my dream car.It was a Silver Corvette with a very hard-to-find matching silver interior. After owning it for just four days, I drove it out to the Santa Clarita Valley to visit the set of a young television writer and producer I was dating.

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Tori thought it was a great idea to bring in Mary Jo because the two have had a contentious relationship since Dean left his then-wife for Tori after their cheating scandal.

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