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It has its strengths and weaknesses, in the same way a two-minute spiel might have its strength and weaknesses for the news.”an eye-opening deep-dive into the vast bodies of water that surround our country’s islands.

And for a journalist like him, the worst possible outcome is when stories are merely tossed into the void, to drown into oblivion and dissipate into nothingness. We have to make the audience feel.” One can argue that Atom’s latest foray into acting still deals with eliciting an emotional response.When I think of Atom Araullo, the image engraved in my mind is always in black and white.He’s often staring into the far distance, barely focusing on the unknown. Shadows take over half of his face, and in his sternness, sincerity is found.Every story needs a storyteller at the center of it all, an individual ready to use his voice in order to narrate. Since his big move to GMA, Atom has been keeping himself busy filming documentaries for “What a documentary affords journalists like me,” he explains, “is the space to discuss a topic in a more in-depth manner and let the narrative take over the story. But how do you tell a story about a storyteller, especially one as prolific as Atom Araullo—a journalist who, despite living in this lightning-fast digital world that’s bursting at the seams with information, hasn’t lost the passion to communicate and tell the stories of others?

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When Atom speaks about his work, the sincerity is palpable.