Wayside school dating love dating sim pee

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” Be there for roll call at , and you’ll laugh all the way to the 30th floor!

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2- 2 116 16 Oct 07 Kidswatter: The Movie/Safety Monitor 3. 2- 6 24 Dec 07 Wayside Christmas/Extra-Curricular Ridicular 7. 2- 8 26 Aug 08 Kidswatter Opus; Rubberband Rashomon 9.

As designed, Wayside School was supposed to be 30 classrooms, all on one story.

Instead, the builder constructed a 30-story building, one classroom wide. As a result, everything about Wayside School is wacky.

The higher one climbs, the stranger the people and the things that happen to them.

Gorf wiggled her ears — first her right one, then her left — stuck out her tongue, and turned Todd into an apple.

Gorf laughed and placed the three apples on her desk.

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