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In a recent survey of its members, 57% of Zoosk users said it was a turn-on if someone likes the same books they do.“The survey confirmed our initial hypothesis that books are a great context for initiating a conversation,” says Alex Mehr, 31, the co-founder of Zoosk.Still, I find myself routinely quoting the WSJ as a source (as it is reliable) or saying, “I saw that story or I read about this story in the journal” and I am usually the “first to know”.So get this app and you will be impressed and informed and, usually, entertained..let me be the first to wish Paul Gigot Happy St. The up/down ratio is calculated by dividing the value of uptick trades by the value of downtick trades.

Although your annual obligatory and sarcastic “ take” on Patrick’s day is wearing thin.

Other dating sites, like Zoosk.com, which reports it has 50 million users world-wide, are also moving away from the old-guard online dating model, on sites which talk about personality matching but often feed choices that boil down to height, income and body type.

Later this year, Zoosk will start matching people based on taste in books, music and movies.

Group-dating came on the scene in 1998 with 8at8, a service that sets up dinner dates with four men and four women and now has 25,000 members in six major metropolitan areas.

Then came the Internet and, with it, sites like Team Dating.com, which has a concept similar to Ignighter's.

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The site is the brainchild of Daniel Osit, 26, and Adam Sachs, 25, who found themselves bereft of any appealing dating options when they graduated from college.