Virtual radioactive dating lab

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Virtual radioactive dating lab

All samples submitted to the laboratory must be accompanied by a sample submission form that gives the details of the sample we need. In addition, we would ask submitters to look at our Policy on the dating of Antiquities and sign our terms and conditions.If you are unable to submit the form online for any reason spreadsheet or paper forms can be sent (please contact our administrator).This dating technique is known as radiometric dating.You have probably heard of mummies that have been dated with the Carbon-14 method.Plastic bags are normally fine but it is best to use those designed for use with food as these are likely to have lower plasticiser levels, and to wrap the samples in them in aluminium foil.For small samples, glass tubes with screw on tops are preferable - use aluminium foil under the lids to prevent the samples sticking to the lids, which are usually plastic.The process of Relative Dating was established by Nicholaus Steno in the 1600's.Steno developed a set of Laws (Steno's Laws) to help explain his method of inferring the ages of geological structures.

Who's to say that the rocks a particular scientist is studying have not been displaced from their original positions?

Please see section on sample section and identification to determine the types of material suitable for analysis and for information on restrictions on what we can date.

Also see our information on methods for further information including the expected precision of our measurements.

Water samples should be stored in inert plastic bottles with tightly sealed screw tops and a negligible air gap.

Samples are normally taken within the laboratory where we have all the necessary facilities.

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These laws are a set of hypotheses that the scientific community accepts as a starting basis without absolute proof.

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