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Bots can help your brand scale 1:1 communication, but agents can help humanize your brand and leave customers with a memorable, personalized experience.

When it’s time to answer the call, humans must be available on all fronts, be it social or mobile.

With SLT bots, it’s easy to tell when a person needs to step in for a bot—usually because something does not compute.

In these cases, bots that don’t understand a question provide the same answer repeatedly, leaving their customer desperate to speak to a human.

In other words, companies need to know when to let chatbots do what they do best so that humans can in turn do what they do best. They include both scripted and self-learning AI tools programmed to converse with customers in a way that mimics an online conversation with an actual person.

They can discuss current events—sort of—and pass along your online shopping order.

Unfortunately, the “bot” was just a poor rep on the other end of a computer screen performing menial tasks.At the company’s holiday party, employees even partied in shifts to ensure Go Butler was up and running for user requests at all times. Its Facebook Messenger chatbot, Sephora Virtual Assistant, eliminates the wait for in-store makeup artists by allowing users to upload selfies and virtually test different lipstick colors.The bot performs a specific task that it has been programmed for (as opposed to promising everything from dinner reservations to human skulls), and it even offers beauty tutorials by animating the user’s face as it walks through each step.In the personalized support experience, humans are not optional—in fact, they are crucial.Chatbots weren’t built to take over customer support.

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Here are five ways brands are using chatbots for support, from firmly functional to fun-adjacent: You may not know Kenny Baker, but you’d surely recognize him in—and we do mean in—his most famous role.

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