Very young pt cam

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Very young pt cam

[Mechanical whirring] [Water rushing] He moves his lower lip against two switches mounted in front of his mouth to use Switch Control. Switch Control is assistive technology that lets you use built-in features as well as switches, a joystick, or other adaptive devices to control what’s on your screen.[Clicking] He selects the shutter button, now outlined by a green box, then takes a photo. So you can fully interact with your i Phone, i Pad, Mac, or Apple TV without touching it.

Sady, a woman with spastic cerebral palsy, is in the mirror’s reflection. Cut to various shots of Sady being dressed by her caretaker. [Cheering] Voice Over describes exactly what’s happening on your i Phone, Mac, Apple Watch, or Apple TV, so you can navigate your device just by listening.

[Whistle blows] Three teenage girls sit on the sidelines of a soccer game. Two of the girls lean in to watch the middle girl, Meera, as she uses an i Pad.

Digital Voice: We all went to Simon's Island in Georgia.

[Shutter snaps] [Water rushing] [Bird calls] Ian gazes up at the cascading waterfall. Turn on the lights, start the coffee, open the blinds, or play the latest hit song just by speaking.

His long, blonde hair hangs in dreadlocks from under a black and white bandana. Home Pod is both a Siri-enabled intelligent assistant that works with your Home Kit-enabled accessories and an incredible music speaker.

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You can navigate mac OS with minimal use of a physical keyboard. And Text to Speech can make learning easier by letting you hear what you’re reading and writing.

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