Validating the as is process model

Posted by / 30-Jul-2020 01:27

Share it with friends, family, people in your mastermind group, people in your community and even complete strangers!

I personally made the mistake of holding a couple of product ideas back in 2010 when I dove into the premium Word Press plugin space.

In this post, we’re going to explore 6 ways to help you make sure that what you’re thinking of selling will sell.

The biggest mistake people make when creating a product of any kind is keeping the idea to themselves. As mentioned by Jon Saddington, uber-successful serial entrepreneur featured in Session #61 of The SPI Podcast: …Because this is what happens when you start sharing that idea–it starts becoming refined. You’ll quickly get feedback – instant, guttural feedback from people, and especially complete strangers that say “that is a stupid idea” or “that’s a great idea but have you thought about this?

Share it with power users in your audience and ask to record their voices as they walk through it with you. If you don’t have an audience, you can pay a few people to go through it and give their first impression.A few people even told me they would buy a book if I had one. (Actually, yes you can – but more on that later in this post).Other times, however, the signs are not so clear, but they are there.If you find out it’s not, then good—you will have avoided wasting time and money and can move on to something else.If you do validate your idea, then you’ve given yourself a much higher chance of succeeding with that product.

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The reason I’m a success as an entrepreneur, and why many other entrepreneurs are a success is simply because we do it. But talking about it is where it starts, and because when you start talking about it with other people, you continue to drive the motivation.