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This is where Java Script and the highly effective libraries come into the fray.

The select2 j Query component gives the designer the power to customize the overall layout of the select box along with incorporating high utility options such as searching, dynamic loading, tagging, among others.

A section below explains how to use re Captcha 2 with Contact Form 7 latest versions. Once you complete the form, it will give you a site key and a secret key. In order to use version 2 of re Captcha in Contact form 7, install yet another Word Press plugin: Contact form 7 -re Captcha 2:re Captcha is a great “bot” detection solution from Google.

Before that, let me show you how to register for re Cpatcha and how to insert re Captcha in your websites. Google watches the pattern of user interaction to decide whether it is a “bot” or a real user.

These are the steps you have to do on the server: Get the value of this field: g-recaptcha-response Post a request to this endpoint: https:// these parameters: The above sets a 15 pixel radius on the top-left, top-right, bottom-left and bottom-right corners of the element.Select2 supports multiple selections in drop-down list.To enable multiple selections, just include ‘multiple’ as an attribute.CAPTCHA is an acronym for “completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart.”.If you post a form on your website, you will most probably start getting spam posts through your form.

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A user can select only one option from a drop-down list and therefore it resembles just the radio button in its functionality and not the checkboxes, right?

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