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all these things were not exactly available before the release in...

For a dashboard upgrade supposedly aimed at attracting the 'casual' audience, New Xbox Experience actually has a lot of love for the core 360 enthusiast gamer.

(I use the term "title" which you can read as "movie", its a habit I have got into from working on this for the last few years and is hard to break - forgive me).

If this happens when you try to start the disc then it means critical data could not be read.

There's nothing in the way of on-the-fly geometry or texture streaming going on - Valve opted for discrete loading of each section of gameplay as and when it is needed, and that kind of PC-styled approach clearly favours the hard disk installation.

It's also one of the few games where performance is hugely improved by the installation.

Literally a whole new layout of the Xbox 360 dashboard and the inclusion of Avatars and the ability to add games to your hard drive. Also added was the marketplace to your dashboard and The Xbox Guide, allowing for a lot more advertising.

In addition, a newer improved party system enables up to 8 players of different games or similar, if you so choose, to chat and interact.

Gears 2 is therefore multiplexing video and audio data with the maps in one file streamed off the hard disk.

That being the case, the tangible benefits of installing the game to HDD effectively amount to loading the game, restoring your save position or accessing multiplayer options, all of which are covered in our measurements.

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The measurements below speak for themselves; on all of the major Half-Life 2 games, loading times are often twice as fast, while the lighter content additions to the Orange Box feature far fewer benefits.

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