Updating tomtom

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Updating tomtom

When I go to updates it tells me that I must update the NAVCORE before I can update. Hello All, Since Saturday 6th April 2019 some devices have been having issues getting a GPS signal.All these changes are uploaded by Tom Tom owners following the steps here.These are then grouped into a single package that becomes available for download to navigator owners which register on the developer website and have the Home app installed on the PC.Therefore, we have two free update sources available for the Tom Tom app, which ensures accurate routing and a carefree trip, and what’s more we don’t need to use the classical navigator but only our phone that we have with us at all times anyway.At Tom Tom, we're all about helping you get around.Some users may experience that the device does not connect to the satellites even when they have v12.075 installed. In exceptional cases, it could take anything between 30-45 min to find a valid GPS signal.( Keeping the device in a stationary position outside for a while does help) Nav2 and Built-in devices updating through Tom Tom HOME - ERROR- "You cannot use this map on this device" After the WNRO update- Please post your concern on the below topic and one of the Moderators will help you get the map reactivated https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/1111596/you-cannot-use-this-map-on-this-device-after-update Rider K4: After 06th of April this Rider model is unexpectedly not showing the correct time and ETA, while navigation is working as normal.It has been observed that it could take some time for the device to find a GPS. We are currently working to see if an update is possible!

If we have owned such a navigator for a long time the maps become old and cannot be used efficiently.

On the newly purchased devices we must examine the benefits of the different models available on the market.

In order to make sure we have free maps on the Tom Tom navigator all the time it is important to purchase a model which has the Free Life Time Maps feature.

Not having an updated map database, a Tom Tom navigator with old maps becomes useless and may have a lot of errors.

Of course we can also update the maps by accessing the official Tom Tom website, and then download Tom Tom Home app in your Pc which will recognize the data on your navigator and will offer you the latest maps available.

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By connecting the device to the PC and activating Tom Tom Home it will prompt us when we can download the available updates from the Map Share package.