Updating school choices for arotc

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Updating school choices for arotc

Stebbins and presented him with a copy of Senate Policy 9-69, Humanistic Social Courses, which was passed by the Senate on April 16, 1969, and approved by President Smith on April 21, 1971. Stebbins agreed that Senate Policy 9-69, in fact, is still the University policy on the HU-SS list of approved electives. On February 26, the Committee chairman met with Dr. Nelson said that "As chairman of the Senate Curricular Policy Committee I want to express my extreme regret that the administration chose to bypass the Senate Curricular Policy Committee on implementing a new course change proposal dated March 1, 1976, and which was put into effect March 16th. Accordingly, the Committee expects to be able to fulfill its function on this matter in the immediate future. This statement in the catalog addendum is in error, and Dr. Although the Senate Curricular Policy Committee is in the process of developing a proposal which would permit each college or school to develop its own HU-SS list subject to certain guidelines and review, the Committee is taking the position that the old policy is in force until such time as the new proposal is adopted by the Senate and approved by the President. The item in the addendum stated in part that HU-SS electives may be selected from a list approved by the faculty of the college or school in which the student is a major.Nelson responded that the Course Change Proposal is not too drastic a change from past practice, that it does incorporate what the Curricular Impact Committee recommended but his disappointment is that the Course Change Proposal was at no time presented to the Senate.Miller said that the Course Change Proposal does not have to be presented to the Senate.

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Vice President Nelson said that "seven" is what he happened to hear at the meeting or there might have been a simple recording error on his transcription of the report of the meeting.

Acknowledgement of Visitors: The following visitor was in attendance: Riley, C. According to the February 24, 1976, Report on the Meeting of the Academic Council, "anyone with seven years of service should be eligible." However, Senator Nufer pointed out that according to the Faculty Handbook any academic faculty member with six years of service is eligible for sabbatical leave.

At the conclusion of the report there was a brief discussion concerning the length of service required in order to be eligible for a sabbatical leave.

Senator Hennessy asked if there is a discussion between a department and the Senate, whether the Curricular Policy Committee represents the Senate.

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Army ROTC is an elective curriculum you take along with your required college classes.

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