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The files are written in a proprietary, binary format, which means that the dump file set can be imported only by the Data Pump Import utility.The dump file set can be imported to the same database or it can be moved to another system and loaded into the Oracle database there.Because the dump files are written by the database, rather than by the Data Pump client application, you must create is a database object that is an alias for a directory in the host operating system's file system.Data Pump Export and Import enable you to move a subset of the data and metadata.The step-by-step wizards have the following features: .You want to use the region number field in each record as a business key but not as the primary key, and you therefore decide to have the Load wizard generate a numeric primary key for each loaded record.

However, there are several restrictions on direct path loads that may require you to use a conventional path load.

Conventional Path A conventional path load is the default loading method.

It executes SQL statements to populate tables in an Oracle database.

This method can sometimes be slower than other methods because extra overhead is added as SQL statements are generated, passed to Oracle, and executed.

It can also be slower because when SQL*Loader performs a conventional path load, it competes equally with all other processes for buffer resources.

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This allows export and import operations to run concurrently, minimizing total elapsed time.