Updating registry through cmd

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Updating registry through cmd

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Note that this will not work if domain group policy is enforced and users are prohibited to change the settings.

Update May 30, 2019: This guide has been updated to reflect to work with the latest version of Windows 10.

You will probably get an UAC prompt when importing the reg file. Since you are writing to the 'policies' key, you need to have elevated rights.

You can uninstall programs using the Control Panel and navigating to the Programs & Features applet or you can use the Program’s own uninstaller, which you can find in the Program folder, should the need to do so, ever arise.

But if the programs entry is missing in the Control Panel or the Uninstaller is not available, or these ways do not work for some reason, you can also use the Windows Registry.

Syntax: REG QUERY [ROOT\]Reg Key /v Value Name [/s] REG QUERY [ROOT\]Reg Key /ve --This returns the (default) value REG ADD [ROOT\]Reg Key /v Value Name [/t Data Type] [/S Separator] [/d Data] [/f] REG ADD [ROOT\]Reg Key /ve [/d Data] [/f] -- Set the (default) value REG DELETE [ROOT\]Reg Key /v Value Name [/f] REG DELETE [ROOT\]Reg Key /ve [/f] -- Remove the (default) value REG DELETE [ROOT\]Reg Key /va [/f] -- Delete all values under this key REG COPY [\Source Machine\][ROOT\]Reg Key [\Dest Machine\][ROOT\]Reg Key REG EXPORT [ROOT\]Reg Key File REG IMPORT File REG SAVE [ROOT\]Reg Key File REG RESTORE \Machine Name\[ROOT]\Key Name File REG LOAD File Name Key Name REG UNLOAD Key Name REG COMPARE [ROOT\]Reg Key [ROOT\]Reg Key [/v Value Name] [Output] [/s] REG COMPARE [ROOT\]Reg Key [ROOT\]Reg Key [/ve] [Output] [/s] Key: ROOT : HKLM = HKey_Local_machine (default) HKCU = HKey_current_user HKU = HKey_users HKCR = HKey_classes_root Value Name : The value, under the selected Reg Key, to edit.

I really want to stop Windows Live from being used, the platform sends so much spam and seems to have a lot of holes.I have tested making a registry edit to key It seems to write to the registry, but Live is starting. Seems this could have gone either way between Serverfault and here, but I went here since the Administration part seems resolved yet the little programming involved isn't working out. Looks to me like you have the Registry value name and data swapped.According to the kb article, the REG_SZ value(s) should be named numerically starting with "1", and the included data would be the executable name ("msnmsgr.exe"). Having done that, in the right pane, search for a string value called Uninstall String. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware. in Windows 10/8/7, can be useful when you want to quickly make a change to the Windows Registry without opening registry editor and moreover and has the additional facility of being directly usable in scripts.

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Use these steps to install an update manually, which can help to fix problems with Windows Update on Windows 10: Once you complete the steps, the device should have the latest update installed.

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