Updating office outlook 2016 to 64bit

Posted by / 21-Sep-2020 04:07

The main reason for the original recommendation was compatibility with existing add-ins for Office.

For an add-in to work with the 64-bit version of Office, it needs to be recompiled by the developer specifically for the 64-bit version of Office.

Personally, and mainly from an Outlook perspective, I’ve seen very few instances over the past years where using the 64-bit version of Office would have caused issues, so I’m happy that Microsoft now finally decided that the turning point has been reached.

Luckily, it is easy enough to select which bit version you want to install in case you do not want the default one.In some cases the developer also needs to make some specific changes for 64-bit support or needs to wait for specific libraries, that the add-in relies on, to be recompiled for 64-bit.Simply put; It’s a waiting game but nowadays most of the popular add-ins are available for both the 32-bit and 64-bit version of Office.Considering that the 64-bit version of Office has been first introduced in 2010, if your add-in or app still hasn’t received an update for 64-bit compatibility, it probably never will.It is best to check with the vendor or developer whether the add-in or app is actually still supported and if not, it is probably best to look for a 64-bit alternative either way.

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If an external application doesn’t support the 64-bit version of Outlook, you usually get an error like: An additional reason to stick with the 32-bit version of Office is that when you are using Compiled Access databases (*and *.accde files), these databases need to be adjusted to support the 64-bit version of Access.