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Simple, it runs on Ubuntu Linux and if you are familiar with Ubuntu you know that in general, hardware works right from the start without the need to look for drivers. And if that wasn’t a good enough reason to build one, here are some more: It will allow you to burn your recordings to DVDs, it will include a jukebox to store and play all your music, it will allow you to rip CDs and DVDs, includes a Photo Gallery utility, includes emulators for your favorite game consoles, includes a web browser, displays the weather and the news, it will stream over-the-air cable or satellite programs just like you would with a Slingbox. So why did I choose Mythbuntu over all other PVR software?Best Operating System of All Time has gotten 4.596 views and has gathered 643 votes from 625 voters.O O Best Operating System of All Time is a top list in the Technology category on

So far, Myth TV is probably useful for people capable of administering Linux systems. If you're a TV freak, then you'll love the power and freedom that Myth TV offers you.

Yes, for those of you that don’t know it yet, you can build your own DVR and finally escape those monthly fees. Mythbuntu comes with Myth TV pre-installed, its purpose is to simplify Myth TV’s installation, which can get complicated for the average user.

All you need is an old computer and a fantastic free software named Mythbuntu, and you will be on your way to having the best DVR system ever imagined! Mythbuntu is basically a Ubuntu Linux distribution specially configured to act as a standalone DVR.

Naturally, setting it up takes lots of passion, time and resources, which I cannot provide you right now, as my TV experience is rather limited.

Building a great multimedia library takes effort and dedication.

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Lastly, we'll see how the entire setup can be skipped altogether, by using one of the Linux distributions that bundle Myth TV, in an attempt to make Myth TV faster, easier and friendlier to configure and use. So remember, if for whatever reason you cannot connect to the database or need to change something, here's the magic command: group in order to be able to use Myth TV. It will most likely fail, because the database and the backend services are not running. In Ubuntu 8.10, you can use the Service script to get the job done. You'll have a huge number of menus and options to choose from.

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