Updating my xbox

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Updating my xbox

To update an Xbox One controller’s firmware, you’ll need to connect your Xbox One controller to either a Windows 10 PC or Xbox One console.

If you have a Windows 10 PC or Xbox One, or just know someone who does, that’s your best bet for updating the firmware.

On a Windows 10 PC, you can simply connect the Xbox One controller to the computer normally and update it with the Xbox Accessories app as described above.

On an Xbox One, you can connect the Xbox One controller to the Xbox One using the included USB cable. If it doesn’t, head to All Settings Devices & Accessories and select the controller.

Unfortunately, the Xbox Accessories app is only available for Windows 10.

Microsoft provides no way to update an Xbox One controller’s firmware on Windows 7 or 8.

There are also several steps you can take if your Xbox One is having difficulty installing an update.

If you’re using a wireless controller, be sure to turn it on by long-pressing the “Xbox” button on the controller.If you're in the Xbox Insider Program, your console may update more frequently as we prepare a new update for public release. Some Xbox Insider participants may receive updates at different times than others.If you're interested in helping us through the preview program, see Xbox Insider Program FAQ.Microsoft could also release a standalone firmware-updating tool for older versions of Windows, but that doesn’t seem very likely with Microsoft’s focus on Windows 10.So last Monday I awoke to see an update waiting for my Xbox One. About an hour later I came back to it and the screen was off, as was the white front light.

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You can update your controller wirelessly or via USB.

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