Unmoderated web cams videodating

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Unmoderated web cams

This will prevent one participant joining early while you’re running late with the previous one.It’s worth testing the Zoom setup with them in some way before the day of the actual session.In this setup, you are moderating a session where your participant is not in the same physical location as the you.You’re using Zoom for both the video-conference and the session recording.If you do this, ask them to confirm everything went OK.Alternatively you can do a pre call before the day of the session, to test everything out.There are rare issues with participants not being able to join calls.

When they are ready you can begin recording, have them state their name and acknowledge they are happy to give consent to what’s written on the form.

You’re both on desktop machines in the call and you want to observe and capture their desktop screen in the recording.

In order to join the session your participant will need a link to the video call.

I recommend you define a designated observation room and ask everyone to go to that room and join the call from there.

This way, there is only one meeting room visibly in the call rather than a dozen individuals.

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In this post I’m going to talk you through the various setups I use with Zoom to run and record my in-person and remote user research sessions on both desktop and mobile. In this scenario it’s you and the participant in a room together.