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Also in the end of November I booked and paid for tickets so I could go down and meet her in the start of January 2010.In the end of November I asked a little bit about sex, because I think that talking about sex is a natural thing.But I cant get out of my mind about she really was a bartender and maybe worked as a part time prostitute in this bar (or something like that).She is really a beautiful woman and Monday this week she got birthday and I send her a nice bouquet of flowers and she Tuesday send me some photos of her with the flowers and other photos from her birthday.On our website You will find a variety of profiles of girls from Odessa that are willing to give You his love, albeit briefly.In the mood of sadness, disappointment in life, lack of thrills, our girls will make Your life more beautiful.

Now Ill go down there in the start of April and tickets and apartment are fixed.

To be honest with you, it sounds like you don't know yourself what you want and I guarantee you won't find the right answers to your question from someone else. But don't feel alone, I believe many people find themselves in the same position.

If it were me in your position, I would at least go and meet her, but I would also plan to meet some other women.

From the start there have been a good stream of letters and she sent me a lot of nice photos where she is a home and other places in Ukraine.

Also photos of her son, parents and even 3 small videos taken by a girlfriend one where shes bowling and 2 from parks in her town.

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2-3 weeks ago she told that she also had tried to have sex with 2 men at the same time and that is not normally in my world.