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And if it didn’t, flipped it right away for peanuts to or whoever. I was only interested in dating while I was dating.

I’m always in favor of giving up equity but this time I gave up too much to too many people for too little. Built the site for k with no help from anyone except India.

On the day the next 0,000 was supposed to be wired in I woke up shaking.

They really wanted to wire even though I was telling them no. Josh Stylman, a well-respected entrepreneur, even wrote to me, “after all of our meetings I at least expect you to answer me why you don’t want the money.” I never spoke to him again even though we have many mutual friends.

Sometimes your head hurts so bad from all the people you disappointed, all the money you spent, all the energy that you wasted on a project that slipped away.

And then people can browse your pictures and twitter feeds and determine if they like you and then send you messages through the service. Because this guy is going to be the winner.” I tried to patch it up saying, “well, twitter is a big world.” But there you go, two twitter dating sites at the same surprise birthday dinner for Tim Sykes. Which meant I was being completely ripped off somehow.

I listened to another woman cry about how I would never be able to provide her a yacht on the mediterannean (I thought it sounded too boring and I would probably get burned). You wouldn’t have to answer any big profile questions. I’M ALSO working on a dating site for twitter.” And everyone started to laugh. It was as if they all said, “you guys suck.” Or even worse, “James, you suck. I probably had eight of the nine happening to me on a regular basis.

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Not worth it to then devote years of my life to this idea.

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