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Tom chaplin dating

It’s allowed me to start loving life again.” The Wave is the first time we’ve heard Chaplin’s songwriting abilities.

In Keane his was the pure, emotive voice which brought writer Tim Rice-Oxley’s creations to life.

I’d tell myself I would go to the gym, do some writing and be a good upstanding member of society.’ “My confidence in my abilities wasn’t that great and at the same time my singing had become really good.It felt like we had settled into those roles.” But even when Keane became one of Britain’s biggest bands at home and abroad, Chaplin hadn’t stopped writing or lost his creative urge.“It then became apparent that his writing had gone up to another level, particularly on Hopes & Fears (Keane’s 2004 debut album) as those songs are iconic.“After that, every time I heard a new song I was like ‘Oh Christ, how do you keep up with this?

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Tall and trim, but with a few more grey hairs since I last saw him, Chaplin — apart from an occasional puff on his vape — no longer has any vices.