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The following list is for Public Houses commonly called "pubs" in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, entitled (or once entitled) "Carpenter Arms." Some of these date back to the development of "true English Pubs" created by English alehouses.

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Lincolnshire Oral History Information about oral history projects in Lincolnshire If you would like to add details of your project to this page, email us at emoha le.

The town that he is from is Bessacarr which is in Doncaster You can bother her on Twitter.

At the start of there are a couple of ongoing projects at the library.

Following training from the East Midlands Oral History Archive, 15 local societies or groups have begun recording local memories.

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In and the next phase of the project began with a programme of events and activities in Welbourn, North Hykeham, and Waddington.

White black dating in los angeles series of workshops, open to all, will be held in oral history techniques, conservation and storage of documents, photography and IT.

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The book includes a CD containing extracts from the recordings.

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For information about oral history in the other counties of the East Midlands have a look at the East Midlands Projects page.