Thereby consolidating the overall network accounting

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At a time of weak domestic inflationary pressures, the steep drop in oil prices from mid-2014 onwards caused inflation to weaken further.Moreover, an extended period of excessively weak inflation can affect inflation expectations and thereby become self-perpetuating. Thus, we decided to expand our asset purchase programme.En concentrant l'autorit entre ses mains, Bland russit s'assurer que son jugement touchant toutes les questions importantes primerait, pargnant ainsi l'organisme maints problmes qu'il avait connus dans ses premires annes.

These challenges guided our actions in pursuit of our price stability objective.When fears regarding the euro area’s integrity surfaced at the height of the crisis, in August/September 2012, the Governing Council created Outright Monetary Transactions (OMTs).These monetary transactions made it possible to intervene, if needed, in secondary sovereign debt markets in the event of a speculative attack, notably one linked to single currency fears.They were conditional on the establishment of a financial aid programme under the European Stability Mechanism, which would constitute an indication of confidence in the economic convergence and fiscal viability of any country in which we would be called upon to intervene.This decision led to a dramatic decline in the risk premia on sovereign yields, notably those of Italy and Spain.

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