The bombettes dating scene

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The bombettes dating scene

Despite their initial negative views about Belle in the beginning, however, they eventually grew to respect her late in the book, as demonstrated by their willingly volunteering to help Belle prepare the bookstore for its grand reopening by making decorations for it.

Although they were in love with Gaston, their actual relationship with Gaston varied: in the original film as well as the comics, it is strongly implied that Gaston completely ignored them (outside of general acknowledgement that they love him in the case of the comics) in favor of Belle since childhood, with the latter source having Gaston ending up outraged when he discovered one of them posing as Belle; while in the musical, they were mentioned to have some sort of romantic relationship prior to Gaston pursuing Belle.

When they appeared as children in one of the comics, they had long winter dresses with a ribbon tied at the back.When the Prince and Lumière were getting supplies for the Prince and Belle's wedding in Disney Princess: Royal Weddings, Paulette was seen wearing a dress with sleeves covering her shoulders as well as a hat, all colored green, while Claudette was seen wearing a red dress similar to her regular dress, only with a red sash covering her cleavage.In the live-action remake, the Bimbettes, or rather, the Village Lasses, were given a significant redesign.Aside from being depicted as having curly dark hair instead of straight blonde hair, they also wore largely similar dresses, which are depicted as more conservatively designed and very fancy, as well as being primarily pink in color (presumably to better contrast with Belle's blue dress) with some floral patterns on the sleeves and corset as well as white pinnies, as well as wearing fancy pink hats, and were shown to wear a significant amount of makeup, which showcased their obsession with outer beauty.Despite their hair color change, there was one brief nod to their original hair color in the beginning song where one of them was seen trying out a blonde-colored wig.

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