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Similarily we can can predict the likelihood of job success for an underperformer on a career assessment relevant to their career interests.

For example if student’s considering careers in different professional areas had below average general reasoning ability (sten 3) we could estimate that based on ability factors alone they have 31% likelihood of above average performance in any particular professional career (based on a validity for the assessment of .4).

The table below is based on a revisiting of the Hunter & Schmidt’s 1998 research as presented by Michael Smith (Testing People at Work, 2005) This graphic illustrates the relative effectiveness of the different types of method used in selection processes in terms of their ability to predict future job performance.

From the table above we can infer that the correlations between 15FQ , 16PF5 and NEO suggest the questionnaires are broadly measuring the same traits.

For example we would expect someone with a sten score of 3 on “Spontaneousness V Control” (15FQ ) to have a below average score for self control (16PF5) and conscientiousness (NEO) The Central Position of Validity in Decision Making on the Use of Psychometrics To make appropriate judgements on the use of an assessment for selection we need to understand: All of these factors can be related to validity research.

When constructing any test or questionnaire, the items should be representative of the domain to be measured.

For example, a spelling test containing only the names of professional footballers would be of poor content validity as a general purpose of spelling.

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Such constructs might be mechanical, verbal or spatial ability, emotional stability or intelligence.

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