Tennessee dating com

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Tennessee dating com

Tennesseans are all about getting their hands dirty and getting the job done.

Whether it’s working on a farm, doing construction work, grinding away at a 9–5 job or serving drinks at a bar, Tennesseans value hard work.

If you date someone from Tennessee, your belly won’t ever be empty, and your taste buds will always be pleased.

Tennessee is about way more than tasty food and great music. Tennesseans enjoy many activities, including hiking, swimming, cycling, fishing, paddleboarding, and more.

Just have a bucket nearby for any potential upchucking that might occur.

From the farm to the family room, Tennesseans cherish their furry friends.

But Tennesseans are strict with manners, which means you’ll be with someone who is always polite, respects others, and will refrain from saying hurtful things by masking them in euphemisms.

(If they say “bless your heart,” they’re actually insulting you.) Bottom line—even arguments you might have with your Southern significant other will be softer than any disagreement you’d have with someone from another state.

In many parts of the country, manners are more of a suggestion than a requirement.Do y’all really need to be convinced that a Tennessean’s accent is beyond adorable?Even non-native Tennesseans eventually pick one up after living in Tennessee for a while.You won’t have to worry about being bored with a Tennessean because their sense of adventure means they are always up for trying new things. However, it’s important to be with someone who values their appearance.Overall, it can affect the way they feel about themselves, and nobody wants to date a Debbie Downer.

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