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Ever since I was little, my family has adopted and fostered cats and dogs.I currently have two dogs, both of whom I’ve adopted from local shelters.Be sincere and authentic: Part of the reason interviewers ask this question is to get a sense of your personality and how you'll fit in on the job.So give them an honest answer that shows who you are.Option 1: Share a strength that isn’t on your resume.Before every interview, itemize the core strengths that you want to convey during your interview.

You can emphasize why you were inspired to apply for the job.

For me, this isn’t just another administrative assistant job.

I love that by working at an animal shelter, I’ll be doing my part to care for animals who need help the most.

You may not have had the opportunity to speak in front of groups during your work history.

However, you could respond that you were on the debate team in college, excelled at presentations as part of group projects in school, gave a talk at a volunteer dinner, or won a marketing competition as an undergraduate.

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Rambling or talking for too long: Take a second before you begin speaking to gather your thoughts.

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