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This section is very specific for the Enhancv platform.

Sit down and think, what does your usual day look like? We are not robots, after all, and demonstrating what you do in your day says a lot about you.

You might be surprised how similar the content of professional and dating resume is.

You can thank me later when you find your dream guy/girl!

You can also show how much time you spend on each activity too.

When it comes to the company you want to work for, do the same.Before even meeting them or knowing what show they like to binge-watch.If you don’t have such a resume yet or you are not sure what to write in one, here are some tips to follow.An important thing to keep in mind here is not to underestimate yourself.Many of my friends thought – that guy will never even look at me, I’m not pretty enough, smart enough…

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If you use a joke here and there, you might even make them smile! When it comes to showcasing personality in your professional resume, it is still being underestimated.