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Syrian dating girls

Neighboring countries in which Syrians have sought asylum have also witnessed many marriages between male citizens and Syrian women, namely Egypt, where more than 12,000 Egyptian men have married Syrian women, according to official statistics.

This has led Egyptian women’s associations to counter this phenomenon “in order to protect Egyptian girls”.

“I could marry an Arab girl but what about the relationship that will develop between us, which will create its own language?

” Khadija’s parents were an important factor in facilitating the marriage, which took place about seven months ago in the Turkish city of Gaziantep.

Talia says, “My husband’s relatives often ask me to introduce them to Syrian women with the aim of marriage.

From their point of view, an Arab woman who can read the Qur’an would be a better mother and would teach her children religion properly.” Meanwhile, Syrian women’s motives for marrying a Turkish man revolves around the need for a sense of stability, in light of the difficulties many Syrians face in obtaining official papers such as residency, marriage contracts and birth certificates.

However, these marriages seem more difficult compared to marriages with other Arabs or with Turks.

This is what Omar, a young man who left Hama for Denmark and married a Danish woman there, soon realized when he found that fundamental differences between the two cultures and religions were capable of weakening any marital relationship, even leading to its total collapse.

According to a survey conducted by Enab Baladi, 32% of participants considered that difficult marriage conditions and the economic situation are the most important factors that push Syrian young men to marry foreign girls.Having a common religion might justify the desire of a large number of Turkish men to marry Syrian women.Islam is also the source of many other factors that motivate Turkish men to marry Syrian women.While the motives may seem logical on both sides, Talal al-Kharrat, 27 years old, was not driven by any specific rules or motives when choosing his wife.Rather, he proposed to his Turkish wife Khadija because he loves her, a sentiment that they were able to express to each other in a neutral language.

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He and his Danish wife divorced after four months, despite legal obstacles.