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For example modifier:shift/ctrl matches if shift or control is held down.

Castsequence is special in that it overrides the "#show" parameter.

Sequenced Casting * A new command /castsequence reset=N/target/combat/shift/alt/ctrl spell1, spell2, spell3 * The reset line can specify a number of seconds after which a sequence resets, or if it should reset on target change or leaving combat.* The sequence tracks the 'next' spell in the sequence until it resets, the next spell only advances on a successful cast.

I'm gonna look it up again but any help would be nice.* You can specify a conditional at the start of the command before the reset to filter whether the sequence is used (You cannot use per-spell conditionals) * You can specify items and stances as well as spells Action Bars: For stance and modifier you can list multiple matching values separated by the / character for the option to be true if ANY of them are true.

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Sims 3 egypt online dating photo by Main page, released 01 January Jeremiah's When you are taking a picture with the camera, it should give you an. It may well be that while you think you've got a specific sim in focus, the camera thinks you're taking a picture of something that is nearby, and that sim just happens to be in the shot.

Mouseover sunder - this macro will sunder the mob your mouse pointer is over without losing your current target (the mob must still be in melee range, of course).

In November 2013, she anchored in Zee TV’s ‘Diwali Dhamaka’ celebration.

I just got those EPs, so I don't really know from first-hand experience. I wish they made it a little more user-friendly or gave you some more direction on how to complete it. Select View Pictures click on the picture of the person Sekhmet Hawas in your case The deliver option will then appear on your main screen!

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