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It just becomes harder as you get older, because there's less opportunity.

Everybody who came to this event was empowered to see themselves as someone with the potential to find new love.

The goal of our lives is to reach out and touch other people in some way.

Maybe a very small proportion of people lose that or don't need it, but when you reach out to people, you want to be accepted.

Those scenes to me were really the heart of the movie, because who expects to see a 75-year-old woman start crying over not getting the man she wants at a speed-dating event?

Or somebody to express such joy that so many people wanted them?

Then I looked out in the media and found that there were really very few stories about the needs and desires of the hearts of people in that age range.

They might have been more skeptical of finding it, because they knew a lot about life and what they'd lost was always on their minds.Huff/Post50 spoke to Loring to hear more about his film and the stereotypes that he said cloud society's view of the emotional lives and romantic needs of older people who continue to have the same basic desire we all have: human connection.***It was a personal story. She was nearing 70 and she was without that emotional, intimate partner for the first time in her life, so she was struggling with that a bit.That same year, my uncle who was in his late 70s and had never been on a date in his entire life, as far as anybody knew, suddenly met a woman and they just fell in love like they were high schoolers again.Lou, the body-builder, said something that was just so simple and profound: "A lot of people have trouble saying 'I love you,' but if you feel it, why not say it? Don't hold back." We all hold back and worry, but when you're 82, what's to hold back?" At 82 years old and a champion body-builder, he said, "The bodybuilding doesn't mean anything to me compared to relationships I have with people. You just put it out there, because you see the importance of doing it today, as younger people might not.

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Or is what we consider love and romance just add-ons to companionship?