Sophos standalone not updating

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Sophos standalone not updating

While one can always visit online antivirus scanners from well-known security software to scan one’s PC – or get a particular file scanned with an online malware scanner using multiple antivirus engines, some prefer to have a standalone on-demand antivirus scanner installed locally.In this post, we will see some of the free on-demand second opinion antivirus scanners which you can use.Sophos is an antivirus program designed to prevent viruses from infecting your computer, as well as remove viruses that have already infected your computer.In order to accomplish these tasks, Sophos must be able to detect the latest viruses, which means that the program must be up to date with the latest virus identity files, or IDEs.

This standalone on-demand antivirus scanner consists of four powerful tools.It can detect and remove viruses and all other types of malware from your computer.You need to give out your email ID in order to get the download link here.You can configure Sophos to download the latest IDEs automatically, or download the updates manually.Click "Download" next to the version of Sophos that is installed on your computer.

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Home Use for Faculty, Staff, and Students For members of the University community who need antivirus/anti-malware for personal machines, Sophos has a FREE Home version.