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Read enough reviews and you understand that part of a reviewer's job is to present an unemotional -- even detached -- evaluation of Product X, Y, or Z.For this reason, you almost never see reviews that begin: "Oh, my stars and garters, this thing is amazing!!And what i Phone or i Pod touch owner wouldn't be thrilled by Sonos' free i Phone/i Pod touch controller application, which nearly duplicates the functionality of Sonos' 0 CR100 hardware controller (making it possible for frugal shoppers to skip the hardware controller altogether)?Oh, and the music that comes out of it sounds great.Having made the hardware connections, I installed the Sonos Desktop Controller 2.7 software.It walked me through the process for configuring the Zone Bridge and Zone Players and making them aware of my music." because such effusive language is likely to cast the objectivity of the review in doubt.To bypass that doubt I'll begin my review of the latest iteration of Sonos' Multi-Room Music System with: Oh, my stars and garters, this thing is amazing!

i Tunes playlists must have 40,000 or fewer total entries in all your playlists.

The SP100 speakers are unpowered, feature a 5.5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter, and are rated by Sonos at 75Hz - 20k Hz.

My upstairs router is in a room without speakers so I put the Zone Bridge to use in that room.

The Zone Bridge attaches to your router and is used to channel Sonos' music to Zone Players--helpful when you don't want to place a Zone Player next to your router (you must have a wired connection between your router and either a Zone Bridge or Zone Player).

The CR100 is Sonos' intuitive but somewhat bulky wireless controller, complete with color display and wheel controller similar to the i Pod's original, non-clickable wheel.

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They include its simple design and ease of use--getting the Sonos system set up and packed with music is mostly a cinch (I'll indicate where it isn't later).