Soda can dating internet dating cancer survivors

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Soda can dating

Those booths have seen relationships born, blossom, and sometimes become much more.Tricia Carpenter has worked at Central for 17 years.But the booths quietly conceal more than 80 years of history. Pike’s has a milkshake maker that dates to the 1930s. In Bessemer City, Central Drug is the town’s centerpiece.Slide back the marble, and the wooden tables have hundreds of signatures, dates, and dreams of Central’s customers. You can get prescriptions filled toward the back of the store, and you can get a cherry-lemon Sun Drop (with the good ice, the kind that crunches just perfectly) or a chocolate milkshake near the front.

I have never had to throw a drink in my date’s face.

He made nearly weekly visits trying to persuade Tricia to go on a date with him.

Now that they’ve been married for 11 years, well, “I can’t hardly get him to come in here at all,” she says with a laugh.

She was from Gastonia, but her job meant that she traveled to numerous branches in the area to fill in when needed.

For most of her week in Bessemer City, her friends had been telling her she needed to meet Andy.

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Sit at the counter around lunchtime on any weekday, and it quickly becomes obvious how they’ve done it.

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