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I am sure many of my female readers remember those awkward situations when trying to get a blow job to look right, but his cock sticks out of the back of her head. I feels weird writing it and even more so doing it.If you have had similar experience share them in the comments please, for a bit of a laugh.If you want to know more about 3dxchat, find out here: Now after several quite exciting hours in game, I thought it is time for yet another review and comparison with the Thrixxx sex game (called Chathouse 3D) which I advertise since a couple of weeks (and tested exhaustively).I know its actually not really fair to compare that kind of online sex game with Second Life.Noob like looking avatars do have a hard time to find sex partners, for the obvious reason: you are down right ugly!To create a decent looking, attractive avatar with a mesh body and a couple of different outfits you need around 30 to 50 US.

All you have is a beach front villa and, against payment of 20.000 of their coin (about 20 US), access to a fetich BDSM room. I don’t know if they plan to add more locations to the game.

Yes, you can change to another server and meet somebody else, but you have no clubs, events or public places. I got laid three times within a few hours at my very first try. The site has actually a “sex partner search” as well as a blind date facility. Almost everybody who comes to Thrixx goes on a blind date with having sex in mind.

It also has some public places, called party places, where one can go to hook up. If you don’t get laid in Thrixxx, there must be something terribly wrong with you! Yes, there are fuck regions in Second Life, but you still need to put some effort into chatting somebody up. So lets look at the three individually Second Life is free to join.

To be fair I want to add: Second Life animations are user made.

In the other games animations are made by professional programmers and designers.

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