Single girl dating adventures

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So, yes he is not as invested/interested/attached as you but you might be overly attached to him given that it's only been a month.

So one thing to do is to be in less constant touch and the other option is to tell him you had sex too soon - the latter is very difficult to do and awkward because you already chose to be intimate before you were dating but I'd try the former -get busy, get a life so to speak and don't ignore him just ease up so that you're talking/seeing each other more like 2-3 times a week total and see if that gives you a better perspective. My mother's approval especially was very important because she was an excellent judge of character and integrity. I did not expect to develop feelings for this guy at all. I do feel very vulnerable and scared of rejection at this point because it has happened with quite a few guys. I do believe she is a good judge of character, but I also believe that she would not allow herself to get to know him due to our racial difference.

At 28 years old I feel it is a bit ridiculous that my parents have such a huge influence on whom I date.

I have been hurt many times, but I still can't seem to stop wearing my heart on my sleeve. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment Batya. You can choose not to be an open book even if you feel like being an open book. Ya know I think your first mistake was having sex right out of the box.

I have to do that still and I'm no longer dating lol. If he was losing interest Im sure that call made it ten times worse. Im just overthinking absolutely everything right now.

Well, this particular night I got a little intoxicated, and feeling a little lonely, gave him a shot. Chemistry was amazing, and we ended up sleeping together that night.

Since then I've been seeing him a few times a week, and talking every day.

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