Sex hookups forums lexington sc

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Sex hookups forums lexington sc

So you see they both live off the system but the thing that hurts the most is the fact that my son to this day at 7 and a half almost 8 years old ask me why does it has that have anything to do with him and I don’t have the heart to tell him that he has three others children that he does for that my son is the only one that he refuses to claim or do anything for and this for has no problem with him this only has son if she was a real woman she wouldn’t want to be with the man who abandon his own son.

She would have been courage him to pay the minimum amount with was.

People like her have no class and deserve everything that they get when it comes down to Karma if there is such a thing as karma.

The reason he had on supervisors to station as until after I was pregnant I did not find out that he is registered sex offender who knowing we write a 12 year old when he was 19 years old.

During that weekend he was supposed to come back and get me but sent me a text message telling me he wasn’t coming back and that he had met someone else her Kayla and moving her in with all of my stuff still there while they got rid of all of my jewelry sold everything I owned a value and kept whatever they wanted the only thing I got back was a couple of movies your books and my dresser and close.

I only got the dresser back after I can’t when to magistrate’s Court to fight him for it.

He neglects and always has neglected his three sons one is now 12 the other is 19 and my son is nearly eight the only children that he does anything for and goes out of his way for or her two girls the other one is seven and the other one is either 3 or almost 4 and he spoils them like they’re little princesses yet he’s never done anything for my son in the two years that he did have rights from the time my son was 17 months old until he signed away his rights when my son was two years old so I guess you’d say less than 2 years but he did that on his own he waited until my son was 17 months old to take me to court because he was mad because I asked for child support I begged him when my son was born to come and see his son and he refused he was too busy with her and her child the one that is 5 months younger than mine and in fact I will tell you that I don’t believe that child is even his she looks nothing like any of his other ones and the other ones resemble each other to a certain extent.

But if it helps him sleep at night he can claim that one and not claim mine the truth is they were both guilty everyone I was always says why call out just the girl well I’m calling out both of them and I’m hoping that this never happens to anyone else and that God protects those with good hearts.

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