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Around 79% of survey respondents believe that sexual harassment is now being discussed more openly because of increased news coverage.

and a width of more than 100 m., Poniente Beach offers a number of shops, bars, restaurants, night clubs, hotels directly overlooking the sea, perfect for families with children, it is very close to the inner city and the old town center extending over a promontory, a very interesting spot for the curious tourists so attracted by its churches, monuments and surrounding areas.“Women do not report it out of fear of losing their job, and because they don’t want to be stigmatized by the pervading attitude of ‘she must have asked for it’.” S. The feminist strike of March 8 is justified, according to 82% of Spaniards.Marchers will protest discrimination against women, gender violence and structural inequalities at home and in the workplace.“Now is when sexual harassment is starting to become visible and taken into account,” says Cristina Antoñanzas, vice-secretary at the labor union UGT.“Earlier, at companies, you would always be told, ‘That doesn’t happen here’.” Campaigns such as the #Me Too movement are making companies “more open to introducing anti-harassment measures,” adds Antoñanzas, who nevertheless thinks that this is due “more to a question of image than of protecting the victim, since companies were showing no interest in this issue until just a few months ago.” “Businessmen don’t want women going around saying that they’ve been harassed at their company,” she adds.

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c'est également celle de ces espagnols qui peuvent se permettre, en toute impunité et en pleine rue, juste parce que la vue de ces galguitos les défrisent, de les prendre un par un et de leur fracasser la tête sur le trottoir. on s'en fout et en plus on les laisse sur place comme témoignage d'un ouvrage bien accompli.

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