Sex dating in oxford wisconsin

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Sex dating in oxford wisconsin

The definitions of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking used in this policy are consistent with the Clery Act, as amended effective 2014.

Middlebury prohibits the crimes of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking as defined by the Clery Act and this policy.

When a victim of sexual assault discloses his or her experience to you, please complete the reporting form.

Additionally, those employees identified as “Title IX Responsible Employees” are required by campus policy to report any allegation of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking and related retaliation.

The reporting form should be used to meet this reporting requirement as well.

Since Middlebury lacks full judicial authority, such as the power to subpoena or place witnesses under oath, an individual’s rights cannot be coextensive with or identical to the rights afforded in a civil or criminal legal proceeding.

The procedures for addressing complaints or reports of sexual misconduct, domestic or dating violence or misconduct, stalking and related retaliation are set forth below.

Sexual misconduct (including sexual assault), domestic and dating violence and misconduct, stalking, and related retaliation, as defined by this policy (henceforth referred to as the "SMDVS Policy"), are strictly sexual intercourse with a person who is under the statutory age of consent in the applicable jurisdiction.Sexual assault can be committed by any person against any other person, regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or past or current relationship status.In its primary prevention and awareness programs for incoming students and new employees, and its ongoing prevention and awareness programs for students and employees, Middlebury includes the definitions of sexual assault, the definition of consent in reference to sexual activity, and the definitions of domestic violence, dating violence and stalking that are used by the criminal laws in applicable jurisdictions.The criminal law definitions used in many of those jurisdictions are described in Appendix A for the sake of information only.

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Sexual misconduct violates the rights of others, and demonstrates flagrant disregard for the principles of this community.

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