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Setting boundaries dating

A partnership also needs boundaries around external relationships, such as with friends, at work, or with family.

For one partner, innocent flirting with co-workers may be a deal breaker.

State them clearly both in advance and when your partner crosses a boundary in the moment. “Saying ‘no’ or speaking our truth when someone upsets us might feel scary at first,” coach and mentor Jennifer Kass shares on

In addition, don’t make your partner guess how you’re feeling or why you might be feeling violated.

“Each of you has your own thoughts and feelings, and each person is responsible for putting them into words in order to be understood,” advises Gilles.

“Boundaries not only prevent us from getting resentful and eventually throwing up a barrier,” writes Christine Hassler on Thought, “they also save us from being a doormat.” Finally, when boundaries are repeatedly crossed or disrespected, we are able to be more realistic about whether the situation we are in is healthy or not.

Knowing the importance of boundaries in a romantic context, here are four tips for setting and maintaining healthier boundaries with a partner: The first step to setting healthy boundaries is getting clear on what aspects of your relationship dynamic you and your partner should discuss in the first place.

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“I see that most relationships are successful when each person is still very much an independent entity,” confirms Margery Boucher, a Texas-based psychologist.

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