Sending first email online dating

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Sending first email online dating

My favorite (which has been used on me and I tell as an example to all my male friends asking me for advice in this area) is "Do you prefer pancakes or waffles?" Do not ask this by itself mind you, put it at the bottom of a short message that you've created after you've read through her profile.But be careful that you don't bring them up in casual conversation or you will again risk looking desperate and weird.Please trust me when I say all these things, I've done extensive experimentation with male friend's dating profiles (sending out messages of various length, engagement and forwardness as variables.People love to talk about themselves, and when people are shown genuine interest in who they are, generally they respond with genuine interest in who you are too. And yet it will work if you just say that to a girl in real life.Funny that Honestly, online dating is an entire world of bullshit in my opinion.Thanks for the tip on the 3-1 ratio of questioning.

Don't forget to comb over her profile (and questions like OKcupid has) to see what she's all about.

I am very new to online dating, and have had women appreciate my inquisitive initial messages.

But after that I found it hard to transition because I guessed I expected tit for tat.

Remember, most attractive women get dozens of messages every day, and she doesn't want to read through a novel from you. It just takes too much time to read and craft a message to 50 women, only to have 5 respond, and maybe one or two of those lead to a date.

I always ask women out on the first message and it works really well for me. The only real strategy for men if you don't want to spend hours online is to have a good stock message, send it to everyone with a picture you like, and only read the profiles of those that respond. I hope I can help, as a girl who gets about 40 messages on a high volume day.

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The answers are always so short and feel rushed which alwayss makes it feel like you have to lead or the convo will end quickly. If you do you'll be one in a billion more messages that is referencing how she looks. Find a single thing to talk about, either in the body of their profile or in one of their pictures. Then end with an invitation to get coffee some time. " This gives me something to respond to an a potential conversation and also shows you took the time to read my profile as opposed to a stock message you send to everyone.