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Sedating small

(The substance may darken decayed areas, but baby teeth fall out.)Dr.

Studen-Pavlovich, who directs the pediatric residency program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, emphasizes the importance of hands-on sedation training for dentists: “Classroom training is not enough,” she said.“It’s not appropriate for sedation to be a first-line treatment” for all cavities, Dr. Less risky and less invasive options, such as placing a temporary filling to buy time until a child will sit for a proper one, should be discussed.

It is critical for the dental staff to keep track of the patient’s vital signs and quickly recognize an obstructed airway or a problem with the heart or breathing.

In recent years, a few reports of sedated children dying at dental offices have come to light, alarming lawmakers, parents and the dental profession.

Ideally, it makes them less anxious and more cooperative.

They may swallow a liquid sedative or inhale laughing gas and once it kicks in, they will be conscious but calmer, so the dentist can do extensive work.

Sedation may be needed, for example, if a 3-year-old requires root canals for badly decayed molars or has a throbbing abscess, said Dr.

In 2013, University of Washington researchers found 44 cases over three decades in which dental patients died after sedation or general anesthesia. More recently, in 2016, Daisy Lynn Torres, 14 months old, underwent general anesthesia at an Austin dental office to fix two cavities, and died after her heart and breathing stopped.

Her parents sued after dental experts found no evidence of cavities on her X-rays.

But in rare cases, children fall into a much deeper level of sedation than intended.

If they aren’t rescued quickly, they may stop breathing or even die.

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