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Paisius Velichkovsky and truly from the entire ascetic tradition.

In these truths, the entire life and Tradition of the Church is contained. Seraphim has sought to embody these truths within his own life in his monastery in the wilds of Platina, and to transmit these to the contemporary, largely non-Orthodox, population.

Nonetheless, he desired to learn the life of the Church – life that has been in existence since the beginning of Christianity and in our modern times can be seen through the lineage of St. This was carried to Optina and eventually passed on to Fr.

Seraphim through spiritual children of the Optina Elders that he knew.

These brief, hagiographical accounts of the Elders of Optina are concluded with the life of Hieromonk Seraphim Rose.

From this time Eugene dedicated his whole life to bringing Orthodoxy to his contemporaries.

Seraphim desired this to such an extent that the first publication by St. Paisius Velichkovsky, which was also the first publication of Optina works under the guidance of Elder Macarius. Seraphim is not an Elder, what is the relevance of placing him at the end of the lives of these Elders of Optina?

Because he communicate and transmits the same truths about the Christian life that has been handed down to us from St.

This is the relevance of placing him at the end of this work. Seraphim Rose was born Eugene Dennis Rose on August 13, 1934 (according to the new calendar dating). His father did not go to church and his mother brought the children to various Protestant churches – Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian.

As a young Boy, Eugene attended a Presbyterian church and developed a good knowledge of the Scriptures from which he used to quote many things to his parents.

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In 1976, he was ordained a deacon at the San Francisco Cathedral and in 1977 he was ordained a priest at the monastery chapel by Bishop Nektary (Kontzevitch) of Seattle. Never forget that for which we are created.” The next morning he served Liturgy for the last time. Before his death several of his spiritual children had dreams concerning this as well as dreams of consolation for their imminent loss. Seraphim’s body was being washed and prepared by two Abbots they noted that “his face naturally fell into a quiet smile of unmistakable heavenly joy.