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Sailing dating services

And on your return to Lagos, why not opt for the thrill of deep-sea fishing or a dive into the depths of the crystalline waters?

In the early morning, fish arrives at the market at daybreak.

To relate well with other people we need to relate well with ourselves.

Applying our consciousness to our body and to our breathing involves many skills and techniques, which I share with my clients, however it begins with one very simple thing: paying attention to our body, noticing the body, acknowledging the body and making a commitment to the body not to disconnect from it and get lost in the world of thoughts but to bring back the attention to the body as often as possible. Paying attention to the body and loving, caring and praising the body, expressing gratitude to the body. It takes a life-time to become good at loving ourselves, thanks to all the social and cultural conditioning that has shaped us to be self-neglectful, self-critical, self-sabotaging and self-denying. There is no need to micro-manage ourselves by learning communication skills and negotiating skills to create better loving conditions in our lives.

Take a break, and fill your lungs with sea air from the Atlantic Ocean on a sailing trip from the simple fishing town of Lagos.

Lagos Marina offers you top quality facilities that have been honoured with the respected ‘Euromarine Anchor Award’ and the ‘Blue Flag of Europe’.

At the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by sturdy walls under steep cliffs, discover the fishing town of Lagos.

Awaiting you are unique experiences involving the sea and its riches.

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It is the Brambles Cricket Match this weekend against Royal Southern and the Club needs all of your support out on Brambles Bank.

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